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The power of the Dead Sea

Numerous historical accounts place the Queen of Sheba as the pioneer of bathing in the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea. Upon learning of its the miraculous properties, Cleopatra insisted on bathing  in Dead Sea water as well. She had the water collected for her and steadfastly claimed them as responsible for her pristine, beautiful skin.

 In an effort to combat the hot, dry climate in which they resided, the Egyptians then seized on this information to develop different types of therapeutic lotions and oils. From there, many accounts have told of the Roman aristocracy sending  for Dead Sea waters to help with various skin conditions and beautifying their own skin.

Empowered by these various historical accounts, studies have continued until today to confirm and validate the unique power of Dead Sea minerals to contribute to the healing and beautifying of all skin types.

This is the foundation upon which Dinur Cosmetics was established in 1984. And together with leading chemists and continual research, Dinur has been bringing these incredible skin benefits to the US customers to this very day.

With its products still manufactured in Israel, Dinur offers a wide range of items to meet the specific needs of skin-care professionals and end users alike.

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